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Hello! We are the team at The Curl Girl. Right now, It’s just us, sisters, Georgina and Madison working side by side following our dreams and doing what we love. 
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Our little Curl Cave is set away from the hustle and bustle, nestled in the Staffordshire country side overlooking the breathtaking walled gardens in Sugnall. 

I started my early career in law and enjoyed 10 LONG years in the corporate world thoroughly taking advantage of being a woman in a predominantly male dominated environment.

Settling down to start a family in my late 20s, I began to think of a career change. When my first born was 18 months old. I bit the bullet and took the general managers position at our mothers hair and beauty salon where I very quickly realised managing a salon of hairstylist required a whole new skill set. I quickly enrolled myself onto a hair apprenticeship with Francesco group and began my 3 year diploma, this is where The Curl Girl was born. 

Becoming a new mum and working I’d already started my curl journey through no choice of my own really; time was not a luxury anymore. During my apprenticeship I realised that there was no module for curly hair and it wasn’t part of the curriculum at all. The only thing we were taught to do to curls is to get rid of them! 

Being a mum I found put me in a vulnerable position. I didn’t feel good, I didn’t have time to trawl the internet looking for the answer and I didn’t have the money to waste on haircare that wasn’t going to work. I needed someone to do my hair and to teach me how to do it too. Once I’d cracked it, I just knew that I had to create this service and help others get through it too!

Me and my husband decided on the name “The Curl Girl” on the way back from a holiday In Devon, I set up an Instagram and began to post anything I’d look at in my spare time, built up lots of interest, qualified as a hair dresser in July 2020 and opened up my calendar to curly clients only, in the salon I previously managed. My service list grew with my experience, based on my clients needs and The Curl Girl was a huge success from day one, we now have a huge loyal client following from all over the UK.

My passion is to help people not only embrace and love their curls, but also themselves, became my dream and my dream became reality. I have my family, (including my two little boys offering their growing head of curls) my clients, and myself to thank

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During my hair apprenticeship, I needed to keep myself afloat so trained to become a nail technician. The creative aspect of nail art work pulled me in and before I knew it I was totally in love with what I did.

Helping with the set up and management of my parents salon I naturally fell into doing what I was great at which was Nails. I built up a phenomenal following and gained an invaluable understanding of salon life.  

When my sister Georgina joined our team and began to do curly hair my head was certainly turned and an interest in hairdressing was sparked again. This wasn’t just hairdressing… I would go to visit her room in the salon just to feel part of the journeys she was taking with her clients. I’d see her clients beginning their appointments in absolute despair and ending it  crying with happy tears.

We started sharing ideas to help The Curl Girl and eventually it was apparent that we were on the same page, not only did curls give me the ability to use my creativity which is what I thrive off. After witnessing the confidence a person can gain in just one appointment, I made the change over from my successful nail career back to hair, totally worth it! 
Believe it or not, as sisters we work extremely well together. We are definitely Ying and Yang but this works so well! Hair health is at the forefront  of Georgina’s mind she’s all about embracing yourself, from your texture to your colour. Yes, when those sexy silvers arrive she will do nothing but work you down until you see them in a different light altogether!

They are not signs of age they are signs of experience. They give you a chance to adapt your style and work with it rather than against it. Georgina strives to create natural looks and applies this to every aspect of change and ageing and she certainly practices what she preaches in her own life too. 

Madison shares the same love of a natural look and hair health is a priority but as well as embracing, she is a little more partial to enhancing what you have too, she loves colour work and understands that sexy silvers can be something that people want to dodge for as long as possible.

You’ll twist her  arm more easily on the bleach front and she’s not against the odd extension either. Together we are two sides of the same coin, on a mission to make your curl journey a wonderful experience from start to finish and beyond.
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Follow the link to let us get to know you! Book your first curl girl consultation below and let's start your curl journey!
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